Another Great Season

No, I’m not talking about the Tigers, although that seems to be appropriate. I’m referring to Inspire Michigan Radio. We wrapped up another season of positive momentum on the SE Michigan airwaves… and other parts of the state are starting to join the party. We have had inquiries from three “out state” stations that are interested in picking up the show next year! We could not be more excited about the response of our little weekly show. Remember, we began as a podcast in 2007. We formed as a charitable business entity in 2008, received our tax exempt non-profit status in February of this year, and now we may be looking at syndication for the show when it returns in the Spring of 2010. Not bad for a 2 and half year old.

None of this would be possible if not for the sacrifices of my wonderful wife, Kristen. She gives up the weekend vacations and the valuable family time, to support the mission of inspiring Michiganders during this time of great struggle.  It’s impossible to put my respect and admiration for her into words, so I’ll just say “Thank you and I love you”.

Kristen is also the one responsible for raising my two beautiful children, Shay and Canon. I know that they will look back and understand why Daddy was always gone at one thing or another for Inspire Michigan. They will understand that this is an important cause. They will understand that the Michigan quality of life is worth fighting for.

Let’s all hope and pray that the Fall and Winter treat us better than the recent seasons of discontent in our great state.